By Wystii

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Inspired by Reverend Maynard's Running Deep fic. For what is actually happening between Zechs & Treize you should read it at http://reverandmaynard0.tripod.com/Fiction/run.html (I have directly quoted... all conversation between Treize & Zechs are Maynard's, not mine. Only Duo's thoughts & observations are my own.)

Warnings: Duo's POV. Male/male sex (implied), possibility of coarse language, voyeurism.

Pairings: Implied 6x13

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Note: [Duo's thoughts]


Getting through the electrified fence was easy. Fooling the dogs was slightly harder but the young thief managed to climb up the balcony undetected. Carefully checking for alarms and traps, he is mildly surprised to find none. [What arrogance,] he thinks as he picks the lock on the glass doors.

A slight click and he is among the heavy drapes on the other side. Closing the door softly behind him, he is about to step beyond the curtain when the sound of movement freezes him in place. [It's two in the damn morning,] Duo grumbles silently, grinding his teeth. [Intel's had him in meetings all day, he should be exhausted. That list they want had better be where they say it is.]

The faint rustle of fabric catches his attention. [Ah, putting on his jammies. Bet the great general wears silk.] A quick peek and he wins his bet. [Nice color. Damn... a few seconds earlier and I would'a had a great view of the Khush's tush. Hey, that rhymes.] Duo smirks, pleased with himself. [Cute freckles, though.]

"Should I go?" a sultry voice asks and Duo slowly scans the rest of the room trying to locate its owner. The vision of a handsome blond framed by the bathroom door takes his breath away.

"Nonsense," the general is saying, "what gave you that idea?"

[Is that Zechs?] Heart pounding in his chest, the stunned thief stares at the man who must be the one and only Lightning Count.

"I shouldn't have snapped at you the way I did . . . you were only asking a simple question."

[He's gorgeous. Even his voice is sexy.] A violet gaze absorbs the image of the famous Oz pilot in nothing but a bathrobe, platinum hair falling loose behind his back. [Wonder just how long that hair is...]

"And I should have answered yours."

[Eh? Guess I arrived in the middle of something. My timing must be off...] Duo just manages to not sigh. [I'm dying to know what this question is. Maybe I can make a guess...] He watches as impossibly long lashes lower to direct Zechs's gaze to the floor. [So yummy... eyecandy. More rhymes - I'm on a roll.]

"You don't have to," there's an almost pleading note to the sultry voice, "answer me, I mean. It was just a foolish whim."

Duo frowns. [What whim? You can whip... whim me anytime, honey. Speaking of whips... who's looking like a whipped spaniel, with his tail between his legs?]

"Why do you let yourself be cowed by me?" The thief catches himself before nodding in agreement with the general. [Damn! Must remember - don't move.]

"I am not being cowed. I apologize when I make a mistake. If it seems I'm overly--"

[Whoa! That sparked a bit of fire.] The chuckle is effectively held in check. [A bit defensive, are we? Hmm, pretty boy?]


[It is him! No wonder he wears that mask. None of his troops would get anything done if he didn't... they'd be too busy staring at him.] Duo's brows knit together trying to decipher the subtext of the conversation between the two men before him, becoming increasingly aware of the growing silence. [Well, that stopped him in his tracks.]

"I'm sorry."

[Sorry... What's Khush sorry for? Grrrrrr... Quit talking in code, will ya?] The young thief's breath hitches in his chest at the expression on the beautiful face he is studying so intently and sudden light in those pale blue eyes. [Oh me, oh my, oh god, I want some.]

"I didn't bring anything to sleep in," the soft, caressing tone of Zechs's voice forms a warm puddle in the young thief's stomach. "I didn't think it necessary." The warm zone drops to his groin and he feels a slight twitch between his legs. With body still as a statue, violet eyes follow the tall pilot's directed movements to the man on the edge of the bed.

"Who says it will be?"

[The general saying what I think he's saying?] With smooth, careful movements, Duo reaches into his pocket. The curtain he is hiding behind barely stirs and the movement goes unnoticed as the two men stare into each other's eyes. He gets a look at the fall of silken tresses down a broad back for the first time; long strands of liquid gold almost reach to the robe's belt. [Not quite as long as mine...]

"Well there must be some reason that you're dressed," the tall pilot's reply causes a silent, growling vibration at the back of Duo's throat.

[God, Zechs! Isn't it obvious?] Steady, stealthy motions position the camera in readiness. [He wants you to take it off.] A slow, feral smile grows across his lips. [This is gonna be good. My camera's perfect for this, silent with no giveaway flash and an empty memory card. I'll have the best screensaver by the time they're done. I'm not going to be able to search the room 'til they finish anyway.]

The first snap shot is taken of a general with an expression of worshipful awe on his face and his hands reaching up under the hem of the bathrobe to imply a very saucy groping of what Duo suspects are firm buttocks.

"You don't think I'm that easy, do you?"

[You tell 'im, Khush.] Zechs's robe falls open as the belt is loosened. [Better yet, show 'im.]

"Certainly not. In fact, I find you most difficult."

[Enough talkin' already.] A slim finger presses the lens trigger and the moment is captured with the leader of Oz's tongue flicking out to lick at his second's navel while long fingers tangle in the ginger hair.

"Treize . . ." the sexy voice is heavy with desire and dripping with need.

The desperation on the handsome pilot's face makes Duo aware of the tightness in his usually loose pants. [Uh oh...] His finger twitches as an impressive penis nudges the general's chin.

" . . . please . . ."

[Oh yeah, please... and the big man sucks! Yes!] Another twitch of the finger captures a timeless moment. [God, those moans are sexy... Oo... move those hips, Zechsy. Hey! I'm still rhyming.]

"Treize, I . . . stop . . ."

[No! Wait! Don't stop...] Duo holds his breath as the robe falls to the ground and both men tumble horizontal on the bed. He only just manages to get a shot of the gloriously naked Zechs before he lands on top of the general and they move further up the bed. The blond hovers over the redhead for a perfect photo opportunity, his hair a cascading curtain of pale, shimmering gold obscuring their faces. [Oh...kay... this is better. That is some hot kissing action going on, I'm sure, but one shot here is enough can't see much past the hair.]


[You... What? Khush! He might not be listening but I am! Finish the sentence, dammit! It's that code thing again. Damn soldiers always talking in code. They're as bad as Heero and Trowa... making normal people guess at blank expressions. Fuck! I can't see past the hair to make a guess.]

"Taste you . . ."

[Did Zechs just purr?] Duo shifts slightly to get a better viewing position and he almost moans in harmony with the general as his penis rubs against his boxers. His eyes widen to see the blond mouthing the member still enclosed in blue silk. His camera vibrates silently in his hand. [There go the pajama pants. Boy o boy, is the little general ready for some action. God, so am I. If I wasn't on a mission...]


[Nice move with the cushion, how considerate. Not comfy, Khush?] The camera tilts as he refocuses the lens for a close up. [Oh... My... God...]

"Good . . ." The general's breathy moans fill the room. ". . . so good."

[Feh! Good? This is better that watching Q-man's videos... Lucky I brought a spare memory disk.]


Duo licks his slightly parted lips and tries not to pant too loudly as one hand moves downward to brush against his own confined arousal. [Fuck, I'm drowning...]


[Finally....] The young thief slips out from behind the curtain. [I'm exhausted just watching.] He tiptoes towards the bed to check on the two sleeping men. [Out cold. Let's get to work.] He silently moves to the desk and begins a thorough search of the room. [I must have the best timing, wait 'til I show Q these photos...]


"The damn list was in his jacket pocket! I swear, Q-ball." Duo tells his best friend as he makes himself a coffee. "It was sopping wet and the ink had run. All I could see were black splotches. I saved memory for it for nothing!" He shakes his head. "Now I have to go report a mission failure."

"Are you going to pass them the photos?" Quatre asks, sipping his tea.

"Nah. These are personal, just between you and me. Not even the other guys get to see them, agreed?" Sitting down, Duo turns to look into his friend's eyes.

"Agreed." Quatre nods. "Why?"

"I don't think they'd understand what was really going on," Duo says, voice subdued and thoughtful.

"We do?"

"Probably not." Shrugging, Duo finishes the last of his coffee and stands up. "But..."

"...We might?" Aquamarine eyes regard violet ones as their gazes lock and hold for a long moment.

"Yeah..." Duo gulps some air and pushes himself away from the sink. "Got a mission report to write. See ya in the morning." He blinks at the sunrise outside the kitchen window. "When I get up, anyway."

Then End

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