Nashi Side Stories, History and Conclusion

I really was going to finish this. As you can see, however, it got rather out of my control.

(Tentative at best)


As a child, Treize was very close to his mother. She died while he was very young. His father bought/adopted an orphan as a companion for him. This was Milliardo. Rocky at first, espescially due to a spoiled Treize and a headstrong Miri, the relationship grew as they did and eventually became more than that. Still, ever his father’s son, they retained an on/off equals/not-equals realationship, especially due to the fact that Treize’s father frowns on their familiarity.

++The War Approaches++

And the war begins. Treize’s father sends him to France for school to keep him from having to fight, yet tells Miri that he must be a man and fight for their country and make him and Treize proud. What’s an orphaned companion to do but as told. And so he fights . . . for Treize.

++The War at Home++

Milliardo is a gallant and brave soldier. Adventures, angst, and bloodshed ensue . . . Milliardo begins to become Zechs.


Treize, being schooled in France, was not told that Miri would be fighting, and thus, continues to send him letters. In the meantime, he meets a beautiful young man, Quatre. (he’s probably 19-20 by now and Q is something like 16). They develop a relationship and it is later discoverd that Quatre is a prostitute. Much angst and drama later, and Treize decides he could give a damn, and is going to bring Quatre home. They are in love.

++Post War++

Treize brings Quatre home, prepared to meet the wrath of his father and stand up to it if he must. There is no need. His father is dead. Milliardo finally returns home. He is now a harsher man, and has adopted the name Zechs. It will stick when he becomes master of the fields. There is slight conflict between he and Quatre, though in the end, their love for Treize brings them together. (I mentioned to someone here that if a man could be another man’s religion--then that is what Treize is for Zechs.)

Soon, Quatre falls ill. Much drama and angst later, and he is dead, having made Miri promise to look after Treize. Treize is broken. Even Miri has difficulty picking up the pieces. It is not long after that they are lovers for the last time.

Meanwhile, Melanie appears. She is Treize’s brother’s wife. He had known he had a brother but he was older and had left a very long time ago, having not gotten on well with their father. His name was Trevor. Melanie tells him that Trevor has recently died as well. Suicide is hinted at. He had hoped for his son, Heero, to be involved with the Khushrenada business and estate, but was unable to see his plans to fruition. Would Treize do as his brother could not, she asks him. Would he try to lead Heero in the right path as he grew to a man? Treize agrees.

++Heero and Duo/Duo and Zechs++

(This section is not completely fleshed out). Heero begins spending time at his uncle’s estate several times a year and for weeks at a time. On one of his visits, he learns that Zechs has found a boy, just a year older than him (15 or so) near to death in their fields. They have taken him in and nursed him to health and Heero is quite curious. Hormones being as they are at that age, the two become fast friends. However, as Heero’s visits continue, Duo finds him changed with each visit, becoming more predatory and odd. But in Heero’s absence, Zechs reluctantly forms a bond with the younger Duo. He is quite perplexed by this and does all in his power to avoid a relationship. Afterall, he is still licking Treize’s wounds.

And on one particularly nasty visit, Heero is particularly agressive with Duo (borderline rape!). Zechs nearly kills him. Heero goes home and Duo and Zechs begin anew.

In this time, Treize is half-oblivious. He runs his estate as any good southern diplomat should. He gets to know his sister-in-law and his nephew and Duo. When he learns of what Heero has done, he does not tell Melanie but reprimands the boy himself.

++Time Passes++

Duo adjusts to his new home and the new friend he has found in Zechs. We learn his story of woe, (or perhaps he’s already told Heero). Zechs continues his duty as field master, and we may even hear him mention Trowa from time to time, referring to him as ‘that boy’. He’s known about him for quite some time.

Treize slowly relinquishes Quatre’s ghost. That is until he meets as most interesting young man.


Nashi, a young slave boy who has hidden himself for years, is found in the fields. Still too young to be working, Treize takes him into his hom under the guise of looking after his best interests. In reality, Treize is lonely and bored.

There is difficulty adjusting, particularly between Heero and Nashi (later Trowa), which I will not get into because . . . well . . . it’s in the fic.

** From this point on, at the time that I posted this--I had told not a soul of the following plans(save one small detail to Dim-chan)**

I will give away things that I’ve hinted at.

The Key: The key that Heero gave Nashi in the mausoleum, was found by Heero a few years before. It was supposed to unlock a cabinet in the attic, the very same cabinet that would have the information on Trowa’s parents. Heero, of course, could not have known this, and so, in retrospect, I had decided to remove that scene. Now, however, it doesn’t rightly matter.

Quatre/Trowa: So I’ve told Quatre’s secret, but that’s not all. Quatre is not his given name. He gave himself that name when he was very young. His real name was Trowa Barton, something he told Treize only once, and even then, on his deathbed. This is why Treize only vaguely remembered the name, and why he gave it to Nashi. Consequently, it also adds to his misery around the boy.

Many of the times that Zechs was “in the fields” and Duo had disappeared, they were together. All the extra food that Relena had to prepare for Zechs’s lunch was really for Duo.

Are there other things I didn’t explain? If so, e-mail me and I’ll add them.

++New Chaps++

I think the fact that I grew tired of this story greatly influenced its outcome. It was supposed to be a happy ending . . . or, happier, I should say.

While visiting Melanie, Treize’s misery will get the best of him as will Melanie’s for herself. Drunken and desperate, respectively, they will sleep together once. This brings us Marimeia. Eventually, Melanie (whos is a very tortured soul) will go insane. Treize hits a low point.

Meanwhile, Trowa discovers who his parents are (there’s a story there that I’ve yet to fabricate), and he and Heero have a falling out.

Finally, after going home and developing *something* with Nashi, Treize’s spirits pick up. Faced with the task of raising his illegitimate daughter and his nephew, he is “reborn”. Ahh . . . but hell hath no fury like Heero scorned. He leaves and begins a corporate battle against Treize’s businesses.

Drama, drama, angst, happiness, drama . . .

It is not until several yeats later that Heero relinquishes his hate when he finds that Treize is dying. Everyone surrounds him during his death, including Duo, Zechs and Marimeia (whom the entire household has been helping to raise) and he dies happy. Through it all, Heero has matured and has been Trowa’s only comfort, they are now closer than ever and make amends.

The Crappy End.